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ANS: Once you register on our website, you will receive updates via e-mail, text message or WhatsApp from our representatives.
ANS: Click on the contact button to submit your details
ANS: A certain amount of discount will be provided for every referral.
ANS: The size would be 2.5M X 1.5M.
ANS: Contact a Weaves representative for further knowledge regarding this.
ANS: The stall sizes will remain constant through all the exhibitions but any change will be made public and will be communicated to you.
ANS: Yes, stall rent will vary depending on the city
ANS: No but we can help you finding accommodation at affordable prices. .
ANS: The exhibitions generally take place between the range 10AM to 10PM. Some events can start later than 10AM and some can finish before 10PM. It varies from city to city.

During the Event

ANS: Yes, the basic amenities will be provided by the organizer itself.
ANS: There will be a stand-by generator available in case of power outage.

Post Event

ANS: Varies from 50 stalls to 110 stalls depending on the venue.
ANS: We use a well thought out centralized billing system.
ANS: We do not provide logistics services but can help you get connected to a local transporter at affordable rates.
ANS: All the accounts will be settled on the last day of the event.